Ville Kansanen

Creative Direction & Design

I bring hands-on design knowledge and skills with a strategic sensibility. My creative experience covers a wide spectrum from brand development to UX/UI design to print design and practical experience in program management.

As a strategic resource I've headed business development pursuits from cradle-to-win and have played an integral part in assembling branding initiatives for some of the largest commercial real estate developments in the world. I've lead platoons in the harsh winters of Finland and design teams in the somewhat less harsh interiors of San Francisco.

Outside of work I have an award-winning fine art photography practice which has been exhibited internationally.

Relentless Curiosity

The trim tab of my design sensibility is curiosity. I am driven to try new relevant mediums and research new technology, whether it is for direct practical use (I still love making things) or to better understand project deliverables and the techniques involved (I love understanding my design team); and learning what makes the human mind gravitate toward particular aesthetic- and experiental solutions (I read an inordinate amount of neuroscience books). If I don't understand something: I will find out. My core ethos is that design needs to be appropriate — everything else is a bonus.

I do my level best to listen, learn, and absorb the business needs of my clients first. Even the most dynamic and aesthetically pleasing visuals are worthless if they do not facilitate the overall business objectives.

My research interests outside of design are architecture, all forms of art, neuropsychology, and science. For me the key is to have a broad view of the human landscape, so I can make effective, new, and meaningful creative connections.


Art Direction
Program Direction & Strategy
Branding & Identity
Animation & Video
UX & UI Design
Presentations & Pitching
Print Design
Web Development


Cushman & Wakefield
Creative Director - US West Coast
Cushman & Wakefield
Creative Manager
Creative Director (Contract)
People Power Company
Marketing Manager (Contract)
D-Link USA
Program Manager
D-Link USA
Web Developer & Designer
Finnish Defence Forces
Staff Sargaent

Honors & Awards

Lucie Awards
Discovery of the Year
International Photography Awards
Fine Art Photographer of the Year
Kontinent Awards
Fine Art Photographer of the Year
Adobe Achievement Awards