525 Market brochure

525 Market

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The ownership approached me to design an identity system for the former First Market Tower in San Francisco. The goal was to launch a new look and feel with the re-design of their entrance, lobby, and plaza areas. The decisions was also made to adopt its street address, 525 Market, as the official name. The goal of the initiative was to refresh the building and attract a new range of tenants especially from the tech sector.

525 Market conceptual design

The identity design leaned heavily on the distinctive architecture by John Carl Warnecke. Its almost brutalist long window lines set it apart from other buildings in the SF financial district. The logo design mimics the window line feature, and acts as a flexible design element for creating hierarchy and more dynamic layouts. I also leveraged the feature with iconography and wayfinding systems.

525 Market logo and wayfinding design
525 Market elevator wayfinding

The typography mimics the simplicity and straight-forwardness of Warnecke’s architectural design. The color scheme reflects the experience of approaching the building: from the sandy hues of the facade; to the new steel and aluminum accented entrance, which reflects the San Francisco sky.

lobby exterior rendering
525 Market monument design
  • 525 Market brochure
  • 525 Market brochure
  • 525 Market brochure
  • 525 Market brochure
  • 525 Market brochure
525 Market envelope design