Quarterly design


Visual Identity • UI Design • UX Design • Information Architecture

Quarterly is a mobile-first operating system for sales ops and CRM. I was tasked with improving their existing user experience, architecture, and rehauling the UI design. During that process it became clear that a new foundational visual identity and some brand positioning were necessary.

After a series of discovery meetings with the Quarterly team, we set out to differentiate Quarterly from its happy-go-lucky-salesforce-styled competitors.

Quarterly brand design

We resolved to create a user experience that prioritizes competitive spirit, clarity, and efficiency; and a visual identity that feels exclusive and mature.

The centerpiece of the identity is the speedometer styled Q. It symbolizes the quotas, calls, contacts and meetings users track and enhance with Quarterly.

Quarterly screens

The main challenge for the application design was to create an easily digestible environment for new users in such a multi-faceted application: Quarterly combines aspects of project management, tracking, contact management, reporting, to-do lists, and communications.

I solved this problem by employing a minimal approach. The UI relies on text and simple gauges to mitigate the guesswork of deciphering iconography and data. Screens are organzied in simplified hierarchies, guiding users to more complex options, as they become more experienced. The interactions evolve with the user; beginning with simple setup orientated options; progressing toward managing accounts, goals, and personal coaching. As most users are already used to the conventions of productivity applications, I avoided overt novelty to minimize unnecessary discomfort and confusion.

Contact and search prototype animation
Quarterly screens
Rollup banners
Website design

The approach for the visual identity borrows from the fitness industry. The athletic feel is designed to reinforce the main driver for sales: competition.

The personality we defined for Quarterly is confident, somewhat brash, polished, and focused. The design relies primarily on text and minimal graphic interventions which feel controlled, functional and precise.

Quarterly flyer
Quarterly stylized screen